Monday, December 15, 2014

Installing android SDK on Windows 8.1(X64).

In this very first post we will be installing Android sdk ,the installation is pretty simple just head over to the official site for Android sdk and download the bundle(Android Studio+Sdk) [828 Mb].The download would take time.

After downloading the bundle ,there are some steps that must be performed in order to run and work with the Studio[1].

a)Install JRE 8(Java Runtime Environment) and JDK 8(Java Development Kit).

b)Install the Bundle executable with admin rights(Right click &select install as admin).

c)After the installation is completed you will have the Android studio with sdk installed on your system.
d)Select the SDK Manager() from the Tools Menu.

e)Check the Android SDK Tools,Platform-tools,Build-tools (1st three) from the Tools.
   Check the SDK Platform, Intel X86 Atom_64 System Image from Android 5.0(API 21).
   Check the Intel X86 Emulator Accelerator(HAXM installer).

f)You can install other tools as well but these are the bare essential for starting with Android developing.

The installation would take time,if everything works fine you would have working developing environment for creating Android applications.